As a fulltime employee regularly working 30 or more hours per week, you and your qualified dependents are eligible to enroll in our group benefit plans. You are eligible to participate in the NIPC benefits program on the first day of the month that follows 30 days of continuous employment. It is your responsibility to enroll in and manage your benefits program. An employee’s spouse and children who are under the age of 26 are eligible for coverage. 

Enrollment Forms

Benefit Election NoticeOnline Enrollment Notice | Enrollment Login | Employee Acknowledgement of Receipt of SPD

Informational Notices

Wrap Summary Plan Description | Wrap Plan Document | Premium Conversion Plan


NIPC contributes towards the Employee Only cost of the medical and dental premiums. Employees are responsible for any dependent costs. NIPC offers employee life, short-term disability and long-term disability coverage. Employees may purchase additional life insurance coverage.

Employee Portion

The employee portion of the costs is included below for policy period July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025. 

Semi-Monthly Cost Medical Dental Voluntary Life
Employee Only ($125.00) $0.00 Age Rated
Employee & Spouse $373.21 $26.52  
Employee & Child(ren) $270.16 $30.80  
Employee & Family $646.15 $54.36  

You must enroll prior to the effective date, and you are responsible to enroll and manage your benefit selections. 

Details of each plan are contained in various insurance contracts and other legal documents. In the event of a conflict between information contained here and the contracts and plan documents, the contracts and plan documents prevail.



Medical Benefit Plan Description

NIPC offers medical coverage with United Healthcare and offers an EPO plan option.  To review the plan please click the link below.

UHC Level Funded Benefit Summary Descriptions

UHC Level Funded Certificate of Coverage

Group Number: 1518317 Please have your Group Number & Identification Number available when contacting the insurance carrier.


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Use the mobile app to access provider finder, get your ID card, view benefits and claims.

To obtain a copy of your 1095-B form, please get in touch with your HR contact or our office at 214.443.1400.

 Claims & Customer Service: 1.800.291.2634 | Provider Quick Reference Guide | Provider Finder | Welcome Handbook | Wellness Overview  | Rx Mail Order Program | Motion | Real Appeal | Preferred Drug (Formulary)

HealthiestYou Virtual Care

Healthiestyou is the most innovative and comprehensive telehealth and wellness solution on the market, serving as an accessible complement to your company benefit plan and is included in all UHC AllSavers Medical plans.

Talk to a Doctor | Start Your Wellness Program | Price Your Medications



Dental Benefit Plan Description

NIPC offers dental coverage through Ameritas. Your dentist office will need the social security number of the insured employee to access benefits. To review the plan please click the link below.

Dental Benefit Summary

Ameritas Dental Certificate of Coverage

Group Number: 7372 Please have your Group Number & Identification Number available when contacting the insurance carrier.

Customer Service: 1.800.999.9789 | Provider Finder 



HSA Custodian

Health Savings Accounts are savings accounts that allow employees to pay for qualified out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision expenses using pre-tax dollars. The funds in the HSA belong to the employee and the employee can spend their funds as they wish. The funds may be used to pay any eligible expense incurred by the employee and their immediate family members. In order to establish an HSA, the employee must enroll in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). In order for expenses to be eligible for reimbursement from an HSA, the account must be open prior to incurring the expense.

Your employer has elected to use Optum Bank as their HSA custodian for employee deposits. You will need to establish an HSA account in order to receive employer and/or employee contributions. You may have additional HSA accounts and you may elect to transfer funds to other HSA accounts with investment options.

Employees may contribute funds through payroll deductions to their Health Savings Accounts. The IRS provides annual maximum contributions limits which are the annual limits for combined employer and employee contributions.  Key HSA Features

Enrolling in benefits for the first time or becoming eligible for Medicare creates partial-year eligibility HSA contribution questions. HSA Contributions and Partial-Year Eligibility | HSA & Medicare

Investment Options | Income Tax Regulations / Eligible Expenses / Medicare and HSA's

Optum Bank HSA enrollment form is online.




Life Benefit Plan Description

NIPC provides Life coverage through Unum. To review the plan please click the link below.

Life/AD&D Benefit Summary
Voluntary Life Benefit Summary
Voluntary Life Rates
Beneficiary Review Guide

Unum Certificate of Coverage
Life/AD&D | Voluntary Life/AD&D

Providing for your family in the event or your death is a fundamental of risk management. And life insurance benefits that replace your income may be one of the best ways to meet your family’s ongoing financial needs. This calculator is designed to help you estimate the amount of life insurance you would need to produce a sufficient income stream for your family.

Group Number: R0211862 Please have your Group Number & Identification Number available when contacting the insurance carrier.


Customer Service: 1.800.868.6745

 For employees that have elected Voluntary Life Insurance: UNUM Will Preparation Information | Portability & Conversion Enrollment Form

If you need additional life insurance for yourself or other family members, or if you simply want to compare individual term life insurance rates, click here for additional insurance quotes and information.



Disability Benefit Plan Description

NIPC provides Long Term and Short Term Disability coverage through Unum. To review the plans please click the links below.

Long Term Disability Benefit Summary
Short Term Disability Benefit Summary

Unum Certificate of Coverage
Long Term Disability Short Term Disability

Chances of Disability Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Paycheck | Real-life Disability Story Videos | Disability Insurance Calculator

Group Number: R0211862 Please have your Group Number & Identification Number available when contacting the insurance carrier.


Claims & Customer Service: 1.800.868.6745 | Employee Assistance Program | EAP Wallet Card | EAP Online Access  unum.com/lifebalance  | EAP Mobile App Flyer | Travel Assistance



The following is a compilation of various required federal compliance notices which are to be provided to employees. If you have questions or need a copy of a specific notice, please contact your Human Resources administrator. If any conflicts between the plan documents and the information provided exist, the plan document language is to be relied upon.

The information and notices are provided in the following order:

New Hires / Upon Eligibility for Health Plan  Upon Enrollment in Group Health Plan

*Documents Included in Wrap Summary Plan

Upon Coverage Termination General