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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our website. Please read the following information in its entirety since they represent a binding agreement between you and us.

Information Displayed on this Website

We have made reasonable efforts to present accurate information on this website; however it is possible that information found on this website may be out-of-date.

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If you are applying for insurance through our website: The following information applies to the online premium credit estimating tool. This estimating tool is provided for information purposes only, and you are responsible for the accuracy of the information that you enter. Any results derived from the estimating tool should be used as a general guide only; your final Advanced Premium Tax Credit amount can only be received from the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Online Security

When you are submitting or transferring data via the internet there is no guarantee that the confidentiality or security of electronic transmissions via the Internet can be assured due to potentially unsecure computers and links. This could result in your data becoming lost or intercepted during transmission. Please use good judgment before deciding to send information via the Internet.

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You agree to not:

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Privacy Statement

We know how important the security and privacy of data is to you. Therefore, please review the following statement which explains what data we collect, how we use the personal information you provide, and how we keep that information secure. “Personal information” refers to data that is unique to you such as name, birth date, address, email address, IP address and telephone number. If you encounter a screen or page that requests information you do not want to share with us, do not enter the information and do not proceed with that screen or page.

Information Collected and Used

For purposes of this site, we may collect and use your email or phone/text number that you provide in order to respond to your inquiry or to send you information about a service or resource that you expressed interest in. We will continue to send your information unless you request us to stop or opt out. In addition, we may receive information from the third-party sites that you access through our site.

You may also decide to use your email or text number to ask us questions and provide comments about our website or services. You are encouraged to provide this feedback. We do share these messages with individuals in the organization who can appropriately respond; we may preserve the content of your message along with our response.

It is important to use good judgment when sending information to us via email or text. These messages may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure these transmissions while others have not which could affect the privacy and integrity of the information you send.

Governing Law

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Limitation of Liability

You agree that you use this website at your own risk. We have no liability for any damages (whether direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive) incurred by you as a result of your use of this website or the information you receive from or submit to this website.

We shall have no liability whatsoever for failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication, telephone or other connection problems, computer viruses, unauthorized access or interception of data from this website, theft or errors.

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