“It is a wiser and simpler choice to encourage health than to fight sickness.”

We compile a monthly wellness letter to encourage and motivate our clients to make healthier decisions regarding nutrition, exercise and general healthcare treatments.

One of the least expensive ways to improve employee morale, improve productivity and improve retention is to implement a carefully designed corporate wellness strategy. Wellness is a business strategy to be implemented with a long-range objective of improving your employees quality of life.

The net result will be your employees feel better, look better and feel appreciated resulting in improved retention, lower absenteeism and lower presenteeism. Happier, healthier employees very often produce more satisfied customers and improved client retention.

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About Encouraging Health

The employers having the most success are finding that employees will change habits if they are rewarded for choosing to live a healthier, active life. Many health insurance companies provide the basic tools needed to implement a wellness strategy at very little cost.

This is a great place to begin, and there is no limit to what your employees can do with your commitment and support.

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