Login to Access Benefits

Your employer understands the importance of providing quality, affordable benefits, and they look to us to communicate those benefits to you. We developed our memorable website, insuranceisboring.com, with the goal of empowering you to manage your benefits from a single location.

To access your company’s benefit resources, you will need to use your company’s unique (remove log in) user ID and password to log in. You can obtain the company specific user ID and password from your HR department or by contacting us.

Once on your employer’s site, the “Welcome Page” provides you with the eligibility, contribution and enrollment information.

We recommend that you access your company’s “Medical” benefits tab, and also register on the carrier website. That will allow you to access claims history, wellness plans, locate covered drug lists, order ID cards and review frequently asked questions.

Each separate benefit tab such as the “Medical or “Dental” provides benefit summaries and links to the carriers for additional information about the plans offered by your employer as well as access to online network directories.

We realize that the web has limitations and sometimes you need an actual person to help resolve a problem or clarify an issue. Always feel free to call or email us. We are here to help.