“Off Exchange” (No Premium Subsidy)

Individuals may purchase health insurance directly from the insurance companies with broker assistance without getting involved with HHS or CMS.

We can help you obtain quotes and enroll online with various carriers off the Exchange.

“On Exchange” (Premium Subsidy Available)

Individuals who believe they may be eligible for a premium subsidy may purchase health insurance online with broker assistance from the federal or state “marketplace.”

Alternative Plans

Altura Healthshare is a Healthcare Sharing Ministry plan based in Austin, Texas, and is not health insurance, but it provides an affordable alternative. Altura is recognized as a Healthcare Sharing Ministry with CMS, and members are exempt from ACA insurance mandate penalties. Members have access to a national PPO network. This plan is designed for people that are in good health because there are limitations for sharing pre-existing conditions. The plan limits coverage for some ACA mandated benefits, but is about half the price of a qualified health plan.

Enrollment Guide Agent# 4670 | Provider Agreement

Christian Healthcare Sharing – Since 1993 – Paid over 1.1 billion dollars in healthcare costs. It is not insurance – Medi-Share members  share each other’s healthcare costs. Your monthly share amount depends on age, health, and number of participating family members. There are limitations for sharing pre-existing medical conditions. You may request a preliminary determination to find out if a current medical condition is eligible for sharing.

New Application | Statement of Faith | Medi-Share Guidelines | Provider Search

HealthiestYou – Connect to a doctor, get treated, and get prescriptions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone or via the mobile app. 70% of doctors’ visits can be avoided simply by using virtual care. Save time and money.

First Dollar-Lump Sum – Coverage for Critical Illness and Accidents.

  • No Medical Questions
  • Benefits Paid Directly To You
  • Lump Sum Payments

Small Group Health Plans – If you have a business entity with two fulltime owners or one common-law employee, small group plans provide access to PPO network insurance plans.

Individual Mandate | Premium Subsidies | Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) | CHIPS (Children’s Health Insurance Program)